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Moviestarplanet game rules

No Racism and Misbehavior

You are playing on a global platform with different other players from various countries in the world. Never make a racist or sexist remark over any chat or comments. Also misbehaving with any other player is strictly against the rules. Any kind of racist remark in comments or in usernames, abusive language, bullying or harassing, would not be tolerated by the website. The maximum numbers of players are children and young crowd; it is advisable to maintain a code of conduct in your words. Any actions that violate the rules of behavior will subject to actions from the website.

Copyright Rules

Breaking copyright rules and regulations is considered as a serious offence online. Ensure that as a player you don’t copy or break any of the copyright laws of the gaming site. Copying any original content or pasting it anywhere without the permission or the knowledge of the website is violating the copyright laws. Any player caught doing so will be banned from playing and would be subjected to further actions.

As a great gaming website for children, MovieStarPlanet supports healthy and interactive fun and gaming atmosphere. Along with children, many young adults also join the website to enjoy and interact with players from different corners of the world. Abide the rules and ensure a great gaming experience throughout!

Moviestarplanet VIP

There is a paid membership on MSP as well called VIP. It gives a lot benefits to the player but it is usually very expensive for majority of users. There are website, such as, where you can get freee VIP  codes which you can redeem for VIP  membership on Moviestarplanet.

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